Hiring Documents

Harrold Centre Covid Hiring Conditions 18/05/2021

Any user booking the Harrold Centre must read and agree to these conditions before a booking can be accepted.  They are then responsible for implementing the guidance.

Hiring conditions 

Help Keep the Harrold Centre Covid Secure 18/05/2021

General guidance on good practice to help keep the Centre Covid secure. (I’ve added a new copy of that with a new name, ‘secure’ was missing, apologies for pedantry.

Help keep the Harrold Centre COVID secure

Harrold Centre Covid Risk Assessment 18/05/2021

A thorough risk assessment related to the use of the Harrold Centre with regard to Covid risks, as referenced in the Hiring Conditions..

Harrold Centre COVID Risk Assessment

Staying Covid Secure-19 Secure in 2020 18/05/21

Harrold Centre’s commitment to ensure Covid security.

Staying-covid-19 secure

Hire Agreement, Terms and Conditions

Summary of Facilities
General Conditions of Hire
Health and Safety

Conditions of Hire_2.0

Emergency Evacuation and Fire Procedures

In the event of a fire or an emergency evacuation of the building, hirers and users should follow these procedures.

Fire Procedures

Harrold Centre Safeguarding Policy

February 2021
Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and adults at risk from abuse or neglect.

Harrold Centre Safeguarding policy

Health and Safety Policy

The health, safety and welfare of all those managing, using and visiting Harrold Centre is of paramount importance at all times.

Health and Safety Policy