Harrold Centre Needs You!

We now have a very small committee and desperately need new members. Ideally, we should have a representative from every local organisation. Please consider joining us to save a very precious facility. We are a charity, and if we don’t get support, then it will be difficult to carry on. Everything depends on volunteers-you, the villagers.  For example, the pit run committee is struggling to find members and a chairperson. It would be such a shame to lose events and facilities that are part of our village culture. Lockdown should have made us appreciate opportunities to socialise.

In addition to increasing our membership, we are also looking for a bar manager and an events manager. Neither should be particularly onerous, and one person could do both.

If you would be prepared to help, or even better, join the committee, please contact any one of us or email info@harroldcentre.co.uk.  Thank you.