Ad Hoc Presents Blackadder II

Written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, originally produced by the BBC, performed by non-professional actors

On Saturday 21st June Ad Hoc presented Blackadder II to an excited standing-room only audience at Harrold Centre. It sounded like people had a great time:

“We thought it would be good, Ad Hoc always are. We didn’t think it would be better than watching the TV version. So good.”

“I can’t believe that a local amateur group could put such a cast together for something so iconic and every single character was spot on. Why don’t you video it to send to Comic Relief?”

“I laughed so much I could hardly breathe – just when I thought I might get a break from laughing, Baldrick said something funny again!”

“You made us cry with laughter. Perfect casting and so true to the original.”